The composition of the Committee according to dPCM 11 June 2020


Prof. Andrea LENZI - full professor of Endocrinology, University “La Sapienza”, Rome


a) Experts in specific professional skills, according to art. 40/c.2, Law 19 february 1992 n. 142

Microbiology Prof. Paolo Visca, full professor of Microbiology, University Roma Tre
Molecular Biology Prof. Carlo Caltagirone, Scientific Director of IRCSS of Santa Lucia Foundation, (member of the Executive Board)

Prof. Luigi Naldini, full Professor of Histology and Gene Therapy, University "Vita e salute - San Raffaele" Milan

Chemical engineering Prof. Mauro Magnani, full professor of Biochemistry, University of Urbino
Agronomics Prof. Piero Angelo Morandini, professor of Plant Physiology, University of Milan
Pharmacological ecology Prof. Ferdinando Nicoletti, full professor of Pharmacology, University "la Sapienza", Rome  
Hygienics Prof. Roberta Siliquini, full professor of General and Applied Hygienics, University of Turin (member of the Executive Board)

b. experts in specific professional skills... (see the complete wording reported on the above mentioned dPCM 11 June 2020):

Prof. Fabio Fava, full professor of Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology, University of Bologna
Prof. Marco Gobbetti, full professor of  Agricultural Microbiology, University of Bolzano
Prof. Roberto Cingolani, Director of Technological Innovation - Leonardo-Finmeccanica S.p.A.

c. experts in specific professional skills according to the artt. 15 and 16 of Law n. 85/2009 (see the complete wording reported on the above mentioned dPCM 11 June 2020)

Prof. Antonio Amoroso, full professor of Medical Genetics, University of Turin
Prof. Paolo Gasparini, full professor of Medical Genetics, University of Trieste
Prof. Maurizio Genuardi, full professor of Medical Genetics Sacred Hearth Catholic University - Rome
Prof.ssa Paola Grammatico, full professor Medical Genetics, University "la Sapienza" - Rome (Vicar of the President)
Prof. Giuseppe Novelli, full professor of Medical Genetics, University Tor Vergata - Rome (member of the Executive Board)
Prof. Pierfranco Pignatti, full professor of Medical Genetics, University of Verona


  • The Executive Board is composed by Prof. Andrea Lenzi (President), Prof. Carlo CALTAGIRONE, Prof. Giuseppe NOVELLI and Prof. Roberta SILIQUINI
  • Prof. Paola GRAMMATICO is Vicar of the President



  • Prof. Antonio Bergamaschi resigned on November 3rd 2020
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