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Presentation of the Implementation Action Plan of the Italian Microbiome Initiativema Initiative


Microbiomes are ecological communities found in humans, plants, animals, soils and sediments; they seem to be interconnected and to jointly contribute to the safe growth and health of all living organisms of our planet. A group of experts identified by the National Committee for Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences (CNBBSV) of the Presidency of Council of Ministers ( prepared in 2018 a vision document on the potential role of microbiomes in the agrifood systems and human health (eg. Vision document “Italian microbiome initiative for improved human health and agro-food production” and, more recently, the “Action Plan for the industrial implementation of the Italian microbiome initiative for improved human health and agro-food production” (available at ) in close cooperation with the national Technology Clusters ALISEI and CLAN and 16 among the most prominent Italian industries from the health and agro-food system domains. The latter has been shared with all major Italian industrial associations of the sectors mentioned and revised according to their suggestions. 

On November 26 2020, during a public event at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the document was formally presented to the main Italian public and private stakeholders and European and international organizations active in the microbiome field (EU Commission, FAO, OECD, etc.).



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