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  1. TO GUARANTEE an effective synergy between national, regional and local public administrations and the National Technology clusters operating in the bioeconomy, in order to define an adequate regulatory and R&I framework, coherent and updated to the actual needs of the entire country, reducing duplication and fragmentation.
  2. TO FACILITATE AND MONITOR the implementation of the BIT II bioeconomy strategy (2019) in all italian territory and to progressively propose measures and actions to make the development of the bioeconomy locally more precise and effective, in particular from the economic, environmental and social points of view;
  3. TO ENSURE the coordination of public policies, taking into account the indications of the EU Union.
  4. TO ENSURE the alignment of the national STRATEGY BIT II with the European one, developed and monitored by the european commission, and ensure the coordination of public and private actors and national and regional institutions, also through the national technology clusters, for a more qualified and effective participation of the country in the definition of the priories for the coming national research and innovation programmes and in the future of horizon europe and parallel initiatives relevant for the bioeconomy.
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